Health: 400-450

Elemental Attack: Moderate

Elemental Defense: Strong

Physical Attack: Max

Physical Defense: Strong

Speed: Mtrong


  • Wind Up: Poison for 99 turns
  • Rage: Buff all stats by 60 (only occur if you keep lowering his attacks)
  • Unbreakable: Buff all defense by 11
  • Whirlwind: Element attack, 40-50 damage
  • Relentless: Physical attack, 30-40 damage 6 times (low accuracy -10 to 15%)


    • The thing is, DO NOT use lightning miscrits on him nor earth ones (earth is weak against wind). When you will bring your lightning miscrits, it'll do his poison first then will kick your butt by his physical attack (Reletless) and don't think it'll miss on you! The attack is a danger as it goes miss a little times only because it only do 2-3 times damage than 6 times (2-3 time damage = 60 to 150 damage). Use your physical attacker miscrits like Afterburn or any other. It also does confuse. So, the tip is lower its defence till 45 and attack till 30 and it'll go woosh. DOING ACCURACY LOWERING MOVES WON'T WORK ON IT NOR CONFUSE OR SLEEP!