Water Elementum By Francisco Palaio

Water Elementum


Found in: Rain Forest of Volcano Island at Eternal Falls.


The Water Elementum is Found in one of the places at Volcano Island. Maybe the first Elementum of Miscrits of Volcano Island, But to be honest it's not that best challenge. The Water Elementum it is very easy to defeat like the Nature and Earth Elementum.


Over Water- Removes Nature's advantage over Water.

Gentle Swell- Heal over time (99 turns).

Flood Elementum-A very,very powerful attacks.

Intimidation- Lower your miscrits EA & PA by 11.

Bubbling Fury Elementum- A very powerful attack.


Requirement(s): Negate Element, Lavarilla.

This elementum is a good attacker. It uses a move ' Gentle Sweel' that is a 99 times heal over time that heals only 5. Just lower his attacks till 82 and increase your defence till 10. And thats all. It will do itimidation on you. When you bring a water miscrit, it will do a one hit delere move on you! The accuracy of this move and it all moves is 100%. Once you lower his attacks till 82 and raises your defence till 10, it will do NO EFFECT on you and you are there.