Nature Elementum 2 By Francisco Palaio


Miscrian Forest,Back of the Elder Tree.


Type: Nature

Health: Boss(223+)

Elemental Attack: Max

Elemental Defense: Strong

Physical Attack: Weak

Physical Defense: Super Weak

Speed: Moderate


Nature's Cry-A Magical Nature Attack that is more powerful than ordinary attacks.

Photosynth-Remove Fire's advantage over Nature.

Tree Truncate-Powerful Nature Attack.

Life-Heal  +1000 health.

Nature's Sting-Poison your miscrits for three rounds.


The Nature Elementum is the single hardest boss in Miscria, besides the Earth Elementum. It will begin the fight with Photosynth, which removes its disadvantage against Fire. You can counter this by repeatedly using more powerful versions of the move Weaken, thus lowering its defense. After having done this 4-5 times, switch Miscrits, use a move that strengthens your Miscrit, and attack. This should Instantly kill the Nature Elementum. If it doesn't, it will use Life, which heals for 1000 (which is 700-670 more than nessecary). It also has 200-230 health. Follow this strategy and you should prevail.

On the other hand, he can be the easiest Elementum because he's super weak on physical defense. Dark Afterburn is a good choice, he can kill the elementum in around 3 hits.

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