By: Corey Nolan

Mar 8th - Announcements

We live in turbulent times. The fate of humanity changes within the blink of an eye. Technology is increasing at exponentially exponential rates. The sands of time whirl around in obscurity, plodding tirelessly through the hourglass of the present towards that disparate fog of war, our future. The world is in a constant state of flux. Revolts, wisdom, treaties and revolutions unite us in uncertainty. The winds carry whispers and rumors of change, new voices, new persuasions from all sides. Strong figures rise and fall with the sun, laws are writ and redacted. Torrents of information flood us and uproot us, the never-ending tidal wave of the world wide web. We stand as one against the current, the myriad permutations of our future stretching before us like the vast uncharted ocean. In this unsteady, ever-changing world, one thing remains constant...

Features being worked on

  • Gemma

Yeah, so not much of an update today, working hard as ever on our upcoming expansion. Stay tuned!