Found in: Monk's Mountain,Craterous Canyon.


Lightning Elementum

Lightning Elementum

The Lightning Elementum is the 5th boss of Miscrits and the second Elementum found in Volcano Island. It is harder to beat than the Earth Elementum but easier to beat than the Wind Elementum. It is found in Monks Mountain at the mountain top.


Scorched Earth-Eliminates the advantage Earth has over Lightning.

Electrocute-A very powerful attack.

Rile-EA,PA,ED & PD raise up to +25.

Live Wire-Damage over Time (10 turns)

High Voltage-Raise EA by 13.

Skeleton Slaughter-Insanely Powerful Attacks.


When the battle starts, the Lightning Elementum casts Scorched Earth on itself, which removes the advantage Earth Miscrits have over it. Then it uses Live Wire on the miscrit you are using, which causes damage to be inflicted on that miscrit every turn for 99 turns. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you bring healing potions with you so your miscrit can keep fighting. It is also recommended that you bring miscrits with high elemental attack and defense because the elementum uses High Voltage, which raises its elemental attack by 13. Qaurtex is a very useful miscrit against the Lightning Elementum because he has some elite stats. Bubbles or Dark Bubbles is also recommended because the Lightning Elementum is not immune to sleep so deep sleep can really turn the tide of the battle. Be careful on lowering the Elementums defense and attack as it uses Rile, which boosts all of its stats by 25 but it wont use it again so once it uses rile, keep lowering its attack and defense until its very low. Every one of the Elementums attacks except Skeletal Slaughter hits with 100 percent accuracy so you should be very careful. When the elementums stats are low, hit it with your most powerful attacks and the Lightning Elementum will be completley zapped to death, giving you the Lightning Essence and putting you one step closer to defeating Apollo Nox