By: David C Grossman

Jan 31st - Announcements

Features rolling out later on (very soon) today

  • New battle arena UI
  • New weekly goal for a reward. This week the reward is a brand new WIND Miscrit we call Poltergust!!!! He is battle arena exclusive so get ready to hit that arena!
  • The goal this week is 20 wins in a row.
  • Once I announce this has been rolled out it's very possible you might need to clear your cache to get the latest flash and see the update.
  • Your weekly stats will reset moments before I roll it out.

Features being worked on

  • Time limit on players joining a game. Nobody will be charged a loss if both players don't fully connect
  • A way to cancel the game before both players are ready. Nobody will be charged a loss.
  • A better matchmaking system which should put players of comparable skill against each other if possible.