By: David C Grossman

Jan 25th - Announcements

I am at work early!!!! Getting these exciting updates ready.

We will begin rolling all this out today. The first changes will be to the fight server.

Fight Server Changes - Rolled Out

  • Sleep and confuse will have a 0% hit rate if the target is already asleep or confused. This will prevent the chaining of these abilities. The "No Effect" message is in flash and won't be rolled out until after this is.
  • The mystery of the 6 rounds in a row has been solved!!! Sleep will now take precedence over confusion, but confusion will tick down while you are asleep. Hope this makes sense.
  • Abilities that give the negate elemental buff will no longer remove your elemental advantage over the opposite element. Negate elemental advantage on a Water Miscrit will stop Natures bonus elemental, and allow you to attack Nature without suffering a penalty. But you will still get your bonus elemental attack on Fire Miscrits.
  • Stacking sleep and confuse no longer crashes the server.

Flash Changes - Rolled Out!

  • Physical Defense abilities are currently buffing physical defense but the flash shows elemental defense
  • If you try to sleep or confuse someone that is already asleep or confused, or if an ability does 0 damage due to buffs, you will get "No Effect".

Other Stuff - Rolled Out

  • The Ability Thrive read that it gave +8 to all defense abilities but only gave +5. This has been corrected. This has to clear the cache before it takes affect.

Magic Attacks

  • Magical Attack animations and the shop! This is live. They cost Facebook credits. This is not going to change.

Features currently being worked on

  • We are currently working on a solution for the black screen of death in the house or backyard.
  • Modification of Flower Pillar's abilities, the high level poison is too weak. That was done on accident.