By: David C Grossman

Jan 12th - Announcements

Features being worked on

  • Coding items achievements
  • Changing the way you get XP in the battle arena when you go in with a lower level team
  • Special attacks are in the works

Features rolled out today

  • Negate elemental advantage spells will now work properly.
  • All chained abilities... these are the special abilities that can actually cast 2 spells in a row if the first spell hits... will now show what's going on in flash. You will know if the sleep component of Devil's Snare hit or missed.
  • Some spells have been updated. Gilly Weed for elephauna will now negate fires advantage over nature
  • Chained abilities will require the first ability to land in order to roll for the second ability
  • Bombard is now double attacking

Features rolling out later today