By: Jason Moore & David C Grossman

Jan 7 - Weekend Update

Before we head into this weekend, we were able to roll out several new additions to the game. Here's a quick snapshot:

  • Major improvements to our session servers. You won't notice it, but that's the whole goal!
  • The Miscripedia!!! It's in the Lore Book, check it out!
  • This weekend only, you can buy Blazebit in the gift shop.
  • You can now flee from battles in the forest.
  • A few new effects for abilities are in place.
  • Battle Arena matches are now instantly forfeited when a players doesn't make a move twice in a row.
  • Speed is rolled in a clearer way now. That means less confusion with players constantly going twice in a row.

Please keep us informed of any problems (in the bugs and problems forum, not here) and we will of course track them down and fix them. In the meantime, enjoy playing Miscrits: World of Adventure this weekend and please share the game with your friends and family. LOTS more on the way!

Jan 7th - Announcements

Features being worked on

  • The Miscripedia
  • Fleeing from battle
  • Tutorial tips
  • Being able to use Facebook Credits to capture during battle if you are out of captures
  • Blazebit will no longer break arena fights
  • In arena fights, 2 miscrits with even speed stats will roll once for who goes first and not every round. This should clear up some of the confusion concerning how players were getting multiple turns in a row.
  • Long arena fights will no longer be killed if players are still playing
  • A player who misses 2 turns in a row in an arena fight will forfeit the fight