By: matt & Jason Moore

Jan 5th - Morning Update

We made some improvements to our web server and session infrastructure this morning which may have caused some intermittent problems.

If you are having a new problem that isn't fixed by a simple refresh of the page, please let us know here.


  • You can no longer exploit the wishing well.

Jan 5 Update

Here is a list of some stuff we just put live and what we are currently working on.

Already rolled out:

Saving and Loading your exact position in the world.
You can now EARN Facebook Credits by completing free offers. (rollover the Facebook Credits icon next to the gem icon)
Effects in battle should load faster.
Various tweaks and improvements to bugs behind the scenes.

Rolling out sometime today or tomorrow:

The ability to Flee from a battle! (Forest only)
A few more guided tutorials that will pop up from time to time to help.
Healing Bug fixed.
A 2 turn timeout in the Battle Arena if you're opponent leaves.
Improvements in the Battle Arena on who's turn it is.
Fixes in the Battle Arena to some known bugs (harvest, Blazebit, etc).

Other Stuff:

We are always working on Mount Gemma and it's exciting to see it coming along. Soon to come will be customizing your Avatar with special looks, the Magic Shop, the Miscripedia, and more!