By: Jason Moore

Jan 3 Update

Today we will be rolling out some new updates and fixes.

Already rolled out:

Selling items in the Item Shop!
The map now has a close button and shows your location.
Speed improvements when loading new areas.
Speed improvements to finding a match in the Battle Arena.
A contest to name next week's Miscrit (for 50 TP)!
Publishing achievemets and captures and leveling and evolving will now work in IE8
Purchasing anything with facebook credits in IE should actually work now!
Fix for all the days in a row achievements.
"Max Effect" achievement now has a reward

Rolling out later today:

A new Miscrit in the Miscrian Forest!
A new interface for learning new abilities in the Training Arena.

Known Bugs Currently Being Worked on:

Currently not saving and loading the placement of your Avatar.
A rare bug that is forgetting the wrong ability when you learn a new one.