This calculator only works for level 30 Miscrits!!!

Rating Scale:

Weak < Semi-Moderate < Moderate < Semi-Strong < Strong < Semi-Max < Max < Semi-Elite < Elite* < Semi-Beast* < Beast*

  • Elite rank and above can only be achieved through plat training, relics, or extreme luck. Beast is a rank higher than Elite. So far, this stat is ONLY achievable with RELICS.
  • Credit to leecw in the Miscrits forums for rating scale with values

How to Rate:

  1. Total up Your miscrits stats
  2. Take the total and divide it by crit level minus 1

Rate 1-6

1 0-12 Very bad
2 13-14 Poor
3 15-16 Decent
4 17-18 Good
5 19-20 Very Good
6 21-40 Excellent

Remember, these ratings are not absolute.  If a crit has very high defense and very low speed, for example, its rating will be average, but if you need a crit with these tankier stats in your team then it might be more valuable to you than a crit rated 6.

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