By: David C Grossman

Feb 11th - Announcements

Still not much to update you on. I lied, much more coming.

Features being worked on

  • Farming for xp in the battle arena with level 5's will get you zero XP. This will be a hard tied to your player level. I'm sick of this and it's affecting new players.

Features already rolled out today

  • Anything to do with gifting should be faster. Accepting and sending.
  • Accurate timers for PVP battle
  • More suspense when sleep or confuse are used (Timer hidden until after animations completed)
  • Fossillia's abilities are changing, I don't think this will affect the level 30's other than seeing their abilities have changed.
  • Miscripedia update
  • Sleep and confuse are being reduced to 2 rounds. 3 round sleep and confuse will be available in the future but it will take the place of one of your "Level 5" abilities as we call them. One of your last 2 abilities.