By: David C Grossman

Feb 7th - Announcements

Features being worked on

  • New PVP reward system. I hope to have this to you by noon! As it releases your stats will be cleared. Different stuff at 5, 10, 15, AND 20 wins in a row.
  • Selling prices will be fixed. Along with being able to sell the negate elemental potion (although I'm not sure why you would want to). We will add the negate elemental potion to the item chests and the drop table for fights / wild encounters.

Everyone pay attention to this!!!!

Due to the fact that we have to update the flash first, since the reward system is changing.... This is what you will experience.

It will look like you have won all the new rewards for the week for a short period of time. Once I'm confident most people playing have the new flash I'll then wipe the stats and let you guys go crazy.