By: David C Grossman

Feb 4th - Announcements

Hey guys, not much to report on today. Most of the office will be out.
I will be working on the tiered reward system on Saturday so I can release it Monday around the middle of the day.
I'm interested in feedback on the sleep / confuse stuff. It should be very difficult to miss more than 3 times in a row now, 6% chance of that happening.

Features being worked on

  • Changes to the award system to reward different stuff at 5, 10, 15, AND 20 wins in a row. (possibly coming out next week, and you will absolutely LOVE the top reward! If I can't finish this... you will get a brand new Miscrit as the 20 win reward.)
  • Changes to magical attacks! We want them to be powerful, yet not change the game.
  • The stream post for passing a friend will now report the correct number of wins.

Features already rolled out today

  • Improvements to the randomness of attacks and stuff. This should put Griffon to ease concerning sleep or confuse hitting or missing 3 times in a row :P. This change rolls out this morning.
  • Item prices have changed. (Before you yell at me you guys requested that it was harder to spam heal potions) There is a new item as well, a negate elemental advantage potion. This should allow physical based Miscrits a better chance in the arena.
  • Adding ability slots is now only 2 Facebook Credits instead of 10 for those of you who like to keep your options available.