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Experience is key to making it big in Miscria. The more experience you have, the more Miscrits you can handle, and the stronger the Miscrits will be. Whenever you level up, you will receive Training Points (TP) which you can use to train your Miscrits to become stronger and evolve.

You receive 5 Training Points till level 5, so you get 5 TP for reaching level 3.
Then you receive x amount of Training Points at x Level, so you get 7 TP for reaching level 7.
BUT at level 25+ you only receive 25 Training Points, so you get 25 TP for reaching level 37.

Here's a nice table of the experience required to get to a certain level.

Level Total TP TP Required
16 TP0 TP
21 TP1 TP
32 TP1 TP
43 TP1 TP
55 TP2 TP
67 TP2 TP
79 TP2 TP
812 TP3 TP
915 TP3 TP
1018 TP3 TP
1122 TP4 TP
1226 TP4 TP
1330 TP4 TP
1435 TP5 TP
1540 TP5 TP
1645 TP5 TP
1751 TP6 TP
1857 TP6 TP
1963 TP6 TP
2070 TP7 TP
2177 TP7 TP
2284 TP7 TP
2392 TP8 TP
24100 TP8 TP
25108 TP8 TP
26117 TP9 TP
27126 TP9 TP
28135 TP9 TP
29145 TP10 TP
30155 TP10 TP
Level Total Exp Exp Required
10 exp0 exp
24 exp4 exp
316 exp12 exp
448 exp32 exp
598 exp50 exp
6170 exp72 exp
7282 exp112 exp
8462 exp180 exp
9626 exp164 exp
10914 exp288 exp
111,304 exp390 exp
121,808 exp504 exp
132,480 exp672 exp
143,330 exp850 exp
154,374 exp1,044 exp
165,694 exp1,320 exp
177,290 exp1,596 exp
189,182 exp1,892 exp
1911,486 exp2,304 exp
2014,136 exp2,650 exp
2117,152 exp3,016 exp
2220,743 exp3,591 exp
2324,737 exp3,994 exp
2429,117 exp4,380 exp
2534,109 exp4,992 exp
2639,587 exp5,478 exp
2745,571 exp5,984 exp
2852,267 exp6,696 exp
2959,323 exp7,056 exp
3066,945 exp7,056 exp
3175,585 exp8,000 exp
3284,441 exp8,001 exp
3393,933 exp9,002exp
34104,317 exp10,001exp
35115,387 exp11,040exp
36127,163 exp11,776 exp
37139,931 exp12,768 exp
38153,455 exp13,524 exp

Some tips

  • It is best to train several Miscrits at a time. You're better off having a full team of strong Miscrits rather than having one powerful Miscrit and several weak ones.
  • The more you level, the more training points you get, and training points are the only way to strengthen your Miscrit Team.
  • You'll want to get as many unique Miscrits as possible. The more Miscrits you can find, the more powerful you will be!
  • Miscrits gain an ability every 3 levels, and evolve every 10. They cap at level 30.
  • When you reach level 25 in future levels you will receive only 25 training points with every level
  • From levels 1-10 you need 18 training points, from 10-20 you need 52, from 20-30 you need 85
  • To train from level 1-30 in basic you need 155 training points, in expert training you need 215 training points