Miscrits! Wiki

ELITE CADBUNNY,the most powerful miscrit of micria.

You must be thinking what is the best team? You have good miscrits and platinum but you can't find the right combo? Then this is the page for you!


First you should have a miscrit in your team that can do Bright Lights because in this era, mostly people have miscrits doing multiple damage so doing bright lights can be a good advantage. Then in all of your miscrits, you should have atleast a Molten Coin (Relic) or  a EA+30, ED+30, PA+30 or PD+30 relics according to your advantage. If your any miscrit have any move to make you immune to confuse/sleep then purchse a relic so that your miscrit can be immune to both sleep and confuse.I suggest that keeping those miscrits in your team that can replenish health like GOLDY and giving it defences is advantable. Then if you got miscrits like DARK SAYAM or WHISPER, its good as they can do sleep in their attacks. Group someone that do COMPLETE CONFUSION or DEEP SLEEP in your team. Don't choose multiple attackers. ZAPATOSE is cool one as it has good skill set as required.


The most important thing is grouping. It decides your chances to win. Take someone whose speed is more is a good choice. The Element attackers to Physical Attackers in your team should be in a ratio 3:1. It should be that a EAttacker should be at the first and its weaker element should be at next and its weakness should be at next and then the Physical Attacker. Eg- I have these miscrits - Wind, Lightning, Physial Attacker and then an Earth. I will place then in this manner-

1. Wind/Water (it is the speedest one)

2. Earth/Fire (Wind's weakness)

3. Lightning/Nature (Earth's weakness)

4. The Physial Attacker

I call this trick 'Oppose The Pose'


Its a good question to ask. Duel miscrits like Nanaslug are disrespect for duels whereas Cadbunny is as strong as god. So, use my 'Oppose the Pose' trick with these miscrits and then try your luck