The full name of the Arena (or Battle Arena) is Sunfall Kingdom Battle Arena according to the Starting Strong quest.

Quoted from Information:

The Battle Arena is quite a wonder! This is the only place that you can really test your battle against other real Facebook players! When fighting in the arena, you are fighting against real people who are trying to win, just like you. It's great fun, you'll see!

Battle Arena Restraints:

  • Player must be level 5 to participate in the Battle arena.
  • Each player has 30 seconds to make a move.
  • If you miss two turns in a row, you will automatically forfeit the fight.


  • Visit the forums.
  • Make sure you have four of the same level Miscrits.
  • Be wise about switching out Miscrits.
  • Stock up on potions if you can.
  • Balance the types of your miscrits; try to have at least one of every type.
  • If you're gonna use facebook credits to heal instantly, please walk to the healing chapel to do so. They cost you 1 credit whereas the arena cost you 2.


  • Higher EXP and Gold gain than in the Forest.
  • Miscrit prizes change every week!
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